The obvious contrasts

I've spent a wonderful 3-week long spring break in Greece and now I am back in Japan to continue my daily routine. At the time of both arriving to Greece and returning to Japan, the contrast hit me - HARD. As I leave Japan, everything is smooth as usual; trains on time, smiling airport employees,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from Kyo(to)

The past few days, I visited Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, that is now only 'lending' the capital right to Tokyo, until the turmoil sets and old ways are restored. Being the symbol of geishas, maccha tea and drinking by the river, Kyoto is an amazing city retaining the past atmosphere; which means 1.5... Continue Reading →

Day-trip from Tokyo: Odawara castle

[[Featured image: The Tora (tiger) sign of the Odawara castle.] [[Image Gallery follows] It's been a week now that a university friend is visiting me in Tokyo. He couldn't have picked a worse time possible. The start of the year comes bearing fruits #NOT: progress reports, presentations, assignments, and so on. Nevertheless, I have to... Continue Reading →

Sevilla etc.

Last week was Semana Santa for Spain (and all Catholics). Sevilla celebrates it in a grandiose and magnificent way. Check out some interesting pictures from my trip there! I had fun being there -- I hope you have fun mind-travelling there! Ah~! Interesting fact alert! In Portugal there's this sweet called Belem. Resembles belleelene, don't you think? Anyway,... Continue Reading →

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