I love acoustic female vocals

[Featured: Artwork by Rutger van de Steeg] In my mind, nothing can't emotionally move me more than female vocals. Most of the cases, the lyrics don't even have to be meaningful, even mediocre is acceptable. The warmth and fragility of a female steady voice is unparalleled.   Who I listen to now:  Sasha Sloan - The Only... Continue Reading →

This week’s stuck songs (week 9)

Well, there's not much going on around these days. After a chill summer (literally and metaphorically - I refused to part with my lovely 750m high village during August), it's hard to return to a busy downtown. Summary of the vacation period: When your noisy company starts to depart and only a few people are... Continue Reading →

Genre: dynmk

I randomly came across dynmk's tumblr page about a year ago, which is strange, because I don't even use tumblr. Anyway, I simply adored his selection of chill-out music,the minimalistic page setup and the beautiful black & white video thumbnails. I easily became a frequent and devoted listener, and I shared his joy as I observed his... Continue Reading →

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