Bye Bye Shuri-jo

Shurijo - castle Shuri - on the main island of Okinawa, has an architecture which combines both Chinese and Japanese elements, as a unique sample of the style of Ryukyu Kingdom. The gate Shureimon is an important landmark, depicted on the rare 2000 yen banknote. I visited Naha and Shurijo during a trip to Okinawa... Continue Reading →

Today’s purchase: 2 beauty products made in Japan

Today I was in an especially bad mood, so I decided to walk around aimlesly in order to calm down. Then I thought it's a nice opportunity to lift my mood by buing shoes. But as expected, the whole shoes area in the mall I visited was shut down for renovetion, cause my bad luck... Continue Reading →

Old-school school life

While cleaning up our lab for moving, we came across some black and white photos depicting rebellious japanese youth enjoying life. Here is what university life in Tokyo looked like 25 years ago.

Book Covers

We talk about using book covers in Japan. What is your opinion about book covers? Do you usually hide what you are reading? Do you often check out what others are reading and love them or hate them based solely on that choice?

Views from Futako-Tamagawa hanabi (Slideshow)

Today I visited a long awaited hanabi: the Tamagawa hanabi. But first, do you know what hanabi is? It refers to fireworks (花火=flower+fire) and is essentially a term describing firework exhibition events. Generally, such exhibitions happen in the height of the summer and various regions are famous for their hanabi, for example Sumidagawa and Adachi... Continue Reading →

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