Japanese foodporn (Part 4) + Autumn delicacies and travel suggestions

Japanese foodporn (Part 4) + Autumn delicacies and travel suggestions

[Feature Photo: Come on! Welcome to our house, we have coffee and cookies!  — reminds me a bit of the ‘come to the dark side, we have cookies’ meme (Credits to Martin)]

Hey there! I haven’t been active for a while because I was busy EATING. Oh my god, this Sunday was the first day in two months that I managed to sleep later than 9am. But, the reason for not sleeping was having fun, so I guess it’s ok. Autumn is the best season for excursions, short hikes and roadtrips, I encourage you to do so. I strongly recommend: Nikko, Hoshinoonsen in Karuizawa,Teradomari, Yuzawa and Yahiko in Niigata, Matsumoto in Nagano, Hakone and anywhere else with nature nearby! If you don’t like nature that much, Xmas is closing up on us, which means —> ILLUMINATION TIME // BLINK BLINK PIKA PIKA LIGHTS EVERYWHERE! Enjoy the red autumn leaves (koyou) and remember that it’s the best time of the year for hot coffee, Irish hot coffee or warm sake with rice porridge (amazake). Also I suggest this version of hot chocolate : melt chocolate with rose petals, add milk,  a pinch of cinnamon, 1-2 threads of saffron, a blanket with cats and a medieval fiction book.


P.S. Mostly Japanese stuff with Greek, Finnish and Ecuadorian surprises.

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Enough about food, let’s check some cheap yet fancy cosmetics and random stuff!


Drink-related random rants

Drink-related random rants

The past weeks were so full of trips and outings, that I feel like staying in for a week is the best way to go, which is pretty strange, because if you know me, you also know that I NEVER do that! Anyway, baito is fun, meeting new people is fun, drinking with new people from the baito is even better. Here follows a petite introduction to some random drinks etc that I came across last week and attracted my attention.


Lab party with random japanese and finnish drinks. I tried to google translate the contents of jaloviina, but the only thing I got was “jumbo jumbo jumbo jumbo jumbo”.


How NOT to make toast bread. Attempt #1: put ham and cheese, text for a while and you get this magnificent colourful result. Attempt #2: re-do by putting nothing on top, and get a DIY world’s blackest black easily at home.


Frula pear soda. It took me a while to figure out how to de-attach the ball on the cap. This thing needs strength!  But the drink was all about the looks after all, nothing special regarding the content.


Precure donuts from Mr. Donut. Comes with marshmallow ears and smarties-style eyes and cheeks. The strawberry flavour of the topping hits your nostrils right away!

little ripa

New Zealand red IPA beer. I adooored the smell, it was perfect for a cool summer evening. And the taste was also full of fruit flavors. Highly Recommended! (Also, I don’t know if it was intended but the name sounds like “Little  -grim- ripper” to me)


How to properly drink nihonshuu. 1) Put a shot glass inside a square box. 2) Fill the shot glass with sake, let it overflow until it fills the box to the brim as well. 3) Drink from the shot glass and then drink from the box as well. 4) Triple quantity in one go, that’s the way to go!


The best flavoured filter coffee around here, for the time being. This one is “vanilla macadamia”, but I think i liked “hazelnut” more. Hawaiian dancing coffee beans – hooray!