Cycladic art museum

I am too busy to add captions, but I encourage you to enjoy some exhibits from the Cycladic Art Museum in Athens. There are 4 floors with different themes (Cyclades, ancient Greece, Cyprus, everyday life in ancient Athens). Currently, there is a special  exhibition about Cyclades in the ground floor, which explains how and why the... Continue Reading →


May I borrow this horsehead ? a.k.a. This Week’s Stuck Songs (Week 10)

FIRST THINGS FIRST. K-pop is the remedy. Well, it's been a fun week . I went to the 'cool as a princess, pink as lemonade' party of prigipo. It was maaaaaaaaaaaagical! Sweet music, sweet coffee, sweet cupcakes. And of course jewellery in every corner - I couldn't rest my eyes! Homemade tea and homemade... Continue Reading →

Comicdom con athens 2016

Well, in the past week I was a volunteer in Comicdom con Athens. I used to visit the con every year since I moved to Athens, but I wanted to take part in it. I've never volunteered in such an event before. My only previous experience was some small scale school or village volunteering, therefore... Continue Reading →

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