El & stitch

El & stitch

Pt. 1

Yesterday was sewing day. Recently, I bought this wonderful woolen cardigan. One problem: it had a hoodie – and the hoodie had no ‘cool’ inside texture or pattern. So, I removed the hoodie, replaced it with a blue ribbon and attached a button (there weren’t any – such a shame, ’cause they are really helpful) to the neck part to keep the smiley shape in place. I like it better now! 

Pt. 2

After a month and a half of involuntary fasting  – I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT – I  begun eating again. First choice ? Junk food. Here are some pictures of food. No specific reason. Food is nice and I like to see nice stuff. 

Until next time! (Sketching and drinking on a late night evening)  16906671_398351217196418_2272492601045155840_n

Altering and Forgetting

Altering and Forgetting
Rusalochka (original title) or The Little Mermaid, 1976 film directed by Vladimir Bychkov


Well, hello there and a Happy New Year! Many argue 2017 ought to be better, considering 2016 with all the celeb deaths etc., but I believe that’s not the point. Our everyday motives and attitude are what WE ourselves must change. And afterwards see the world in a new (bright? – I sure hope so)  light.

What’s up for today?

  • This marvelous article about translated literature by Stephen Snyder. Especially about Japanese literature exports.
  • Some short stories from Tip on a Dead Jockey by Irwin Shaw. Considering it was written post-WWII, the fact that all stories are easily relatable today  is truly impressive. I was tremendously moved by the one called “The sunny banks of the river Lethe”. What can happen when we start to forget? Dates, numbers, loved ones, our will and character? Here it is, for you to enjoy. the-sunny-banks-of-the-river-lethe
Wind and Fire change our Desire

Dusk – Fire 

Akeboshi – Wind

BONUS : This week’s stuck songs

Sweet Tempest – Mine (The Neon Demon OST)

Cepasa – Similar ft. Dasha Kolomiec

The National – Fireproof

Editors – Forgiveness


YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN – Hoshi Neko  (Last minute addition – thanks to a good friend)




Ήξερες εσύ ότι υπάρχει λέξη ακυρότητα? (Week 10)

Ήξερες εσύ ότι υπάρχει λέξη ακυρότητα? (Week 10)

[Greek text]

Φυσικά και υπαρχει λέξη ακυρότητα, η μετάφραση του invalidity. Δεν ξέρω γιατί μου έκανε τόση εντύπωση, είναι απαραίτητο ένα ουσιαστικό που να περιγράφει την έννοια, αλλά δεν το είχα φανταστεί ότι θα υπάρχει αυτή η λέξη. Μου θυμίζει λίγο τις λέξεις που φτιάχνω μόνη μου στο μυαλό μου. Θα ξεκινήσω να την αναφέρω συχνά, ώστε να παρατηρήσω αν εντυπωσιάζει και τον υπόλοιπο κόσμο.

[English text]

Some interesting glossological stuff in japanese:


移民=IMMIGRANT comes from 移=MOVE and 民=PEOPLE

As a result, immigrants are ‘the moved people’ and refugges ‘the troubled people’. It gives us a hint about how to treat them. Kindness, compasion and solidarity above all.


Well, not that kind of compassion (it’s a bit one-sided ^^ )

Highly Suspect – My name is Human 

Justice – Randy 

Röyksopp – Never Ever ft. Susanne Sundfør

Rag’n’Bone Man – Human

The Avalanches – Because I’m Me

Garbage – Magnetized

Warpaint – Whiteout



A game weekend is a fun weekend

I went to gaming festival and the devs gave me jam. ACTUAL GAME JAM.


flavour: tutti frutti

Well, I visited the 3rd Digital Universe festival and I had a great time! It was a bit small and only a small crowd had gathered (though it was only the first day, tomorrow will be better), but there were many games to play and many people to chat about common interests. Be sure to pay a visit and pay attention to my friends at glow games studio! I also adored the guys at the booth next to my D&R! They had a funny silly game with a frog hanging with its tongue around flowers and spinning around them, I couldn’t stop playing. Another guy suggested they fill the game with concealed irony (e.g. deserted desert) and they immediately started a pun&reference joke rage. Damn, they had some skills at such jokes. 

And of course retro games are cool, and so is retro wave. What? Never heard of it? IT IS THE FUTURE! I suggest the youtube channels NewRetroWave and The 80’s Guy.

  • Lorn – Sega Sunset 
  • Kn1gt – OSAKA



Well, there is a reason for chocolate

Well, there is a reason for chocolate

Chocolate is good, and so are comics.



There are times that I am tired, anxious, frustrated

– a thirsty vampire in short (sth like–>>>) –

so much, that I desperately ask for a miracle to happen and help me pull myself together. Because I can’t. Can’t do it. Nope. Come and pull me, I can’t move.  The stars are not in position for this tribute! Stars!… Can’t do it… Not today.

The doorbell rings, but I can’t bother to open. I finally do it -utter curiosity, that’s the one thing that beats boredom- and a strange package appears.


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Comicdom con athens 2016

Well, in the past week I was a volunteer in Comicdom con Athens. I used to visit the con every year since I moved to Athens, but I wanted to take part in it.

I’ve never volunteered in such an event before. My only previous experience was some small scale school or village volunteering, therefore I was extremely anxious about what would be requested of me and how would I perform my duties. As the days went by, I realised that it wasn’t as serious as I had imagined. After all if you love comics and fictional heroes as I do, it’s a fun way to be around them. Belonging to a group made it all the more easy to meet and communicate with comic creators or comic shop owners or simply people having the same interests as you.


(Most of the) volunteer team

Regarding the con itself, I believe that year after year it becomes larger and more multielement. Famous artists around the globe visit for Q&A and signing sessions, as well as workshop conduction. I was lucky enough to meet Soo-san [Sookyung Yoo], a well-known manga creator and researcher (born in Korea, studied in Japan and Europe). There was also a great number of Greek artists and creators with their (self- or not) published work.  Sooooo many comic book stores, so many fancy figures, so great discounts, you couldn’t even rest your eyes for a second. And of course a HUGE crowd all around.

And finally the cosplayers, the main attraction of every con that respects itself. So much work, so much detail, so many colours.

(Oh god my last sentences are full of sooooo many so’s)


My trophies after the con

My con experience in a GIF: I just wanted to fix my hair and I made my friend to hold my cellphone as mirror. He wanted to annoy me, he wanted it bad, so he started tapping. But he stop! As the following equation shows 1 tap=1 selfie, and as a result i was left with a bunch of non-focused images. Hence the wierd-angry-rape-sweet face (cyclothymia at it’s best) .