This week’s stuck songs (Week 11)

This week’s stuck songs (Week 11)

Black & white

electronic : psychedelic : post-punk : witch house : shoegaze


This week’s stuck songs (week 10)

This week’s stuck songs (week 10)


After a while, I decided to start posting songs again. Just the ones that are on repeat in my playlists recently. Spotify has prevailed nowadays, so I guess it’s is more convenient than mere youtube links (even though you miss out on the fancy videos or the cool artworks – I never watch them most of the time anyway, so it’s ok for me). If you are careful enough, you will notice that most of the songs in this playlist are already ~1 year old. The reason for that is that I recently formatted my smartphone, and instead of registering to shazam and saving all my searched music on cloud, I chose the hard way of hand-adding them to spotify, while listening to them all one by one. So, they stuck in my mind once again.

Another interesting point, is that I tried to make a nice, coherent, homogeneous style playlist, but I failed miserably. I knew it from before, but I realized once more that I listen to music with absolutely no consistent pattern – just whatever, whenever. e.g. Melodic metal->Nightcore->Greek folk->Chillstep->Indie pop->Goa trance. jump between artists and genres like i am picking up random colorful balls from the ballpit. That also explains why my youtube feed is the mess that it is. Anyway, at least I tried to stay faithfull to alt rock, with some doses of hip hop and a random japanese song in the end. I seriously didn’t know where the hell to place it, and didn’t want to drop it out completely either (sweet ayumi-chan!).


Altering and Forgetting

Altering and Forgetting
Rusalochka (original title) or The Little Mermaid, 1976 film directed by Vladimir Bychkov


Well, hello there and a Happy New Year! Many argue 2017 ought to be better, considering 2016 with all the celeb deaths etc., but I believe that’s not the point. Our everyday motives and attitude are what WE ourselves must change. And afterwards see the world in a new (bright? – I sure hope so)  light.

What’s up for today?

  • This marvelous article about translated literature by Stephen Snyder. Especially about Japanese literature exports.
  • Some short stories from Tip on a Dead Jockey by Irwin Shaw. Considering it was written post-WWII, the fact that all stories are easily relatable today  is truly impressive. I was tremendously moved by the one called “The sunny banks of the river Lethe”. What can happen when we start to forget? Dates, numbers, loved ones, our will and character? Here it is, for you to enjoy. the-sunny-banks-of-the-river-lethe
Wind and Fire change our Desire

Dusk – Fire 

Akeboshi – Wind

BONUS : This week’s stuck songs

Sweet Tempest – Mine (The Neon Demon OST)

Cepasa – Similar ft. Dasha Kolomiec

The National – Fireproof

Editors – Forgiveness


YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN – Hoshi Neko  (Last minute addition – thanks to a good friend)




Are you robbing my heart?

Are you robbing my heart?


You keep robbing my heart like a bank
No thank you, no thank you

ramses special

One of my favourite childhood comic strips. I cut it out from a -before I was born published- newspaper magazine. It’s about the Egyptian king Ramesses and his overly optimistic views regarding his nation’s relations with the Assyrians. (Sorry, greek text only!)

This week’s stuck songs (week 9)

This week’s stuck songs (week 9)

Well, there’s not much going on around these days. After a chill summer (literally and metaphorically – I refused to part with my lovely 750m high village during August), it’s hard to return to a busy downtown.

Summary of the vacation period: When your noisy company starts to depart and only a few people are left in a  gaunt landscape with no stores and no drinks, that’s when the great ideas hit you between the eye. You can be silly and talk deeply at the same time, trembling with bliss all along.

Conclusion #1: My grandma knew what she did when she served mastiha to our guests. Sweet and strong – smells and tastes like summer evenings.

Conclusion #2: Never forget to spend time with people you love. And don’t forget to get to know new people, too. Images and feelings are what keeps the human machine up and running.

Daughter – No Care 

The Veils – Do your bones glow at night?

Aim – Cold water music

Alicia Keys – In common