Searching for the Truth; Philosophy in Islam

If one could roam around 9th century Baghdad, one could hear a phrase that would bring a headache to many present-day devoted Muslims. "The ink of a scholar is more important than the blood of a martyr". How come those words derived from the collective memory of the prophet's teachings fell out of prominence in the years to come and when did seeking the truth though philosophy became irrelevant?


Running late? Prove it.

Today was a cold, cold day. The coldest day in Tokyo in a period of 48 years, the news read. If you have to work in the morning, you feel the cold piercing through your skin even colder. And then you realize that the trains are late as hell, because a train wagon stopped in... Continue Reading →

FLU season

Japan is the land of precaution. Anything that can possible disrupt the order of things, should be addressed beforehand. One such this is -wait for it- the flu. As soon as the flu season started, everyone began stockpiling masks, medicine, vitamins, anything and everything that can protect your body. Even the big-time performers at the... Continue Reading →

A story about Japanese school children

[Featured image: A farewell gift from the group of high school children under my supervision. This, and a suggestion to try engaging to sock collecting.] Back on a serious note [ that is cultural differences between Japan and the rest of the world], today's topic is Japanese school children.  I had the opportunity to participate... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Lair

[Caption: ALWAYS listen to the ALPACA] Let's start from the basics. Generally, I love Japanese lifestyle. I love how everything is carefully scheduled at least one month prior. I love how everything has a starting and a finishing time, which is meticulously respected. I love how every action is based on a clear motive, and... Continue Reading →

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