Searching for the Truth; Philosophy in Islam

If one could roam around 9th century Baghdad, one could hear a phrase that would bring a headache to many present-day devoted Muslims. "The ink of a scholar is more important than the blood of a martyr". How come those words derived from the collective memory of the prophet's teachings fell out of prominence in the years to come and when did seeking the truth though philosophy became irrelevant?


Make-up time

The stereotype commands that Japanese people have a perfect public image. While that may be true in some degree, I find a specific contradiction particularly interesting. That is, "doing your make-up in the train". It is a common sight in Tokyo to see females of all ages fixing their make-up or even doing it from... Continue Reading →


Most languages in the world contain specific words to describe animal cries, deriving from the actual sounds, but in a more abstract form. Those words are called 'onomatopoeia', which in greek means 'to make name'. You can recognize onomatopoetic words from their repetitive patterns.  Japanese language especially contains a large number of onomatopoetic words, to... Continue Reading →

Googling in Japanese + Face sheets

ΟΚ, so I was trying to find out something about the best invention !ever! - the "ice" face sheets, and typed only half of the query, namely "ice face". AND THIS HAPPENED! Scaaaary! Cringe! Take it out of my sight! Here is the same phrase in English for comparison. Something went terribly wrong in Japan.... Continue Reading →

A day in Tokyo Big Sight (w. Gallery)

Summer offers many chances for visiting exhibitions. Today I visited the 'International modern hospital show 2018', which as expected was international in terms of companies but not so international in terms of visitors and languages spoken. It was my first time to visit Tokyo Big Sight and I was taken aback by the infinite area... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about trains being late~

[Irrelevant featured Image: Summer picnic in Yoyogi park] Japanese railway companies are known worldwide for their punctuality. However, this doesn't prevent mishaps from happening once in a while. Considering that Japan is also notorious for overworking and in-office pressure, individuals driven to suicide are unfortunately a common cause for disruption of train services. Especially after... Continue Reading →

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