Chimes Chews: A simple way to arrange device controllers

Have you ever tried a gum called “Chimes”? It’s different in texture from the average chewing gum, it is actually more similar to candy, a fact that makes chewing time much shorter. However, Chimes compensates duration with a rich, invigorating ginger flavor. Plus, it comes in cute colorful tin boxes that can be used to... Continue Reading →


Today’s purchase: 2 beauty products made in Japan

Today I was in an especially bad mood, so I decided to walk around aimlesly in order to calm down. Then I thought it's a nice opportunity to lift my mood by buing shoes. But as expected, the whole shoes area in the mall I visited was shut down for renovetion, cause my bad luck... Continue Reading →

Old-school school life

While cleaning up our lab for moving, we came across some black and white photos depicting rebellious japanese youth enjoying life. Here is what university life in Tokyo looked like 25 years ago.

10 days in Thailand (Part II)

Part I of travelling in Thailand (about Bangkok and Ayutthaya) is here. Elephants are a must-see in Thailand, aren’t they? Thai people adore elephants, so they put everywhere statues or drawings of elephants, called Chang in the local language (like the popular Chang beer). But how can one spend time with elephants responsibly? I chose... Continue Reading →

10 days in Thailand (Part I)

If you are a casual travel that has explored the US or Europe and now is looking to expand their horizons in Asia, then Thailand is the obvious choice. Located in the middle of Southeast Asia, it can be either a standalone destination or a start of a multi-country trip. Ao Phrao Beach in Ko... Continue Reading →

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